How our family used to consume goods before and how we do it now. Part I is about doing groceries.

Photo by Imants Kaziļuns on Unsplash

Have you made peace with the new era yet? There will be no “back to normal”. It will only be pre- and post- pandemic lifestyle. Life in pandemic has changed us for good.

I don’t mean this only as something negative. It is exciting to work in marketing right now. We are living the history. I believe that besides times of world wars, there was no other 1- or 2-year period in which consumers would change their behavior so drastically in such a short period as we did in the 2020/21.

I think about it every day. When I do…

Lessons from Chanel N°5, the best-seller of the century.

essential oils and violet flowers
essential oils and violet flowers
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Chanel N°5 is a best-selling perfume, launched exactly 100 years ago, on 5th of May 1921. It is first of Chanel’s perfumes. In the time of launch, it was a radical novelty in the European market. Instead of simple floral scent, they compounded it of 80+ ingredients. The form of the bottle was simpler and more elegant than any other perfume. And most phenomenal fact: a businesswoman made it. Her name was Coco Chanel.

This article begins with some facts about Coco and her perfume, followed by tips on how to develop, produce, market and sell as Coco did. …

20 weeks may seem a long time, when you have to give up all the cravings, obey strict rules and combine the two diets

Woman on mounitain, view on another mountain, arms in the air
Woman on mounitain, view on another mountain, arms in the air
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

I am sharing my pregnancy story with all, who might have received same diagnosis but cannot find much resources or similar stories anywhere else.

Note: this is only my perspective about surviving pregnancy with a diagnosis of gallstones. I do not have any medical education and would not like you to follow my footsteps. Gallstones and colic experience are probably different for each individual.

I felt lonely when I received a diagnosis of gallstones in the middle of the pregnancy. Suddenly, I had to follow 2 diets — one for managing diabetes and another for gallbladder. Doctors were kind but…

5 reasons to start buying second-hand.

A circle made by many arms and legs
A circle made by many arms and legs
Image by Henning Westerkamp from Pixabay

We live in a society of abundance. This may not be obvious in this moment to everyone because of the epidemic situation, but we are surrounded by tons and tons of stuff. I believe there was no moment in the history before when the everyday things would be as available as they are. This makes me believe there must be enough for everyone. And I keep asking myself why should we buy new, when there is so much stuff already around us?

In explaining the current situation, the father of modern marketing, Kotler says, “Consuming became lifestyle and culture.” He…

T. Kovač

Environmentally conscious marketing professional. Plant based (95%) food lover. Mom. In a transition from fast-speed to a slow living life.

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