Why You Should First Consider Second-Hand

5 reasons to start buying second-hand.

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1. Excellent value/money ratio

Cambridge dictionary defines second-hand as “owned or used in the past by someone else”. By definition, it doesn’t always have to be used, but only previously owned. Thus, a thing loses a huge part of its market price value by solely being owned, although it is still new.

graph — price vs level of usage for second-hand items
graph — price vs level of usage for second-hand items
I like it best when I can find a not-used (new) item for half of its market price

2. Second-hand is budget Friendly

Second-hand buying can help with keeping your family budget low. For example, when expecting a new family member, you can spend thousands on brand new children equipment or choose second-hand and spend way less. Last fall, we would buy nursery equipment (cradle, changing mat, wooden closet, baby monitor), baby clothes (numbers 50–74), stroller and car seats for €400. In case of buying new, we would easily spend +€2000 on same, but already used things.

3. Better brands and quality

We often relate better brands to better quality. Second-hand options enable you to buy brands and quality which you could not afford otherwise.

4. Uniqness

Second-hand pieces are the most budget friendly way to stand out from the crowd, to “do you” and to express who you truly are instead of being a showcase of the latest trends

5. Land your hand to the environment

Have you heard already about the project called Story of stuff? It introduces the model in which stuff goes through 5 phases: extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal. It brings a lot of shocking facts. One of them is also this one: 99% of materials go through this model (from obtaining material to the dumpster) in 6 months’ time. Choosing second-hand we are being more ecological, and can help to slow down this negative trend.

Second-hand or new? The 3 months rule.

When I am in a dilemma whether to buy a used item or a new one, I follow a simple “3 months” rule. I ask myself, what would this same item look like 3 months after I’d bought a new one. It would probably be worn a little, there would be some mark / minor scratch etc. Especially with small children in the house, there are always chances that things will not look like new after three months of usage. When the used item is not worn more than it would be a new one after 3 months of usage, I go with the used one.

Downsides of buying second-hand

I realize that buying second-hand is not always an ideal option. Maybe something means so much to you, you must have it new. Or your spouse just does not feel same as you do when it comes to buying used items. Also, often there is no warranty as there is when buying new. Maybe a seller does not talk about the hidden faults of an item. There is also a narrower choice regarding a variety of options to buy from. Maybe you (or your child) are afraid to be judged by the society…

Environmentally conscious marketing professional. Plant based (95%) food lover. Mom. In a transition from fast-speed to a slow living life.

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